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A Global View

With the international transfer of Angus genetics increasing world wide, Angus Societies/Associations are becoming more dependent on their fellow World Angus Secretariat members for accurate registration information, as they are the recognised authority on the purity of the Angus genetics in the exporting country. Such reliance suggests that Societies/Associations need agreed protocols for the maintenance of pedigree records and the exchange of Angus genetics world wide.

The World Angus Secretariat was established in 1969 to facilitate the sharing of information between the various Angus Societies/Associations of the world. That Meeting clearly agreed that the World Angus Secretariat could only recommend actions to their respective Angus Society/Association governing bodies. Since its establishment the World Angus Secretariat has discussed a wide range of subjects and has agreed on a considerable number of recommendations for its constituent members. This World Angus Secretariat Code of Practice confirms the agreements reached on organisational focus, meeting arrangements for the sharing of information, protocols for the maintenance of genetic purity and exchange of genetic information, the international promotion of the Angus breed and international youth exchange programs.

Although there have been many areas of discussion, only the resolutions which have gained general agreement have been included in this Code of Practice with the year of the Meeting shown in brackets where there was a definite resolution to that effect.

2017 World Angus Forum

In 2017 The World Angus Forum will be held in the UK, the home of the Aberdeen Angus breed. The Forum will take place from Friday 16th June - Tuesday 2nd July 2017 and will incorporate a tour in England, including the National Show at the Three Counties, a tour in Scotland and the Royal Highland Show taking place in Edinburgh, and a Tour of Ireland.