YearHost CountryEvent
1969AustraliaWorld Angus Forum
1973United StatesWorld Angus Forum
1977ScotlandWorld Angus Forum
1981New ZealandWorld Angus Forum
1985CanadaWorld Angus Forum
1989ArgentinaWorld Angus Forum
1993United StatesWorld Angus Forum
1995South AfricaWorld Angus Technical Meeting
1997AustraliaWorld Angus Forum
1999CanadaWorld Angus Technical Meeting
2001CancelledWorld Angus Forum
2003DenmarkAngus Technical Meeting
2005South AfricaWorld Angus Forum
2007IrelandWorld Angus Technical Meeting
2009CanadaWorld Angus Forum
2011ArgentinaWorld Angus Technical Meeting
2013New ZealandWorld Angus Forum
2015MexicoWorld Angus Technical Meeting
2017United KingdomWorld Angus Forum
2019UruguayWorld Angus Technical Meeting
2021AustraliaWorld Angus Technical Meeting (via Zoom)
replaced the World Angus Forum.

Let’s take a look at a collection of images from some of the more recent events…

Ireland – WAF 2007

Canada – WAF 2009

Argentina – WAF 2011

New Zealand – WAF 2013

Mexico – WAF 2015

Scotland – WAF 2017

Uruguay – WAF 2019