Given the unfortunate state the world finds itself in during 2021, facing a global pandemic – COVID 19, the World Angus Forum 2021 in Australia was postponed.

Peter Parnell, CEO of Angus Australia was conscious of the desirability for the Secretariat to carry on its business and report on some long-term projects to the members. Peter worked with Secretary General, Tim Brittain to co-ordinate and host the very first Zoom meeting of the Secretariat.

This meeting was live across world time zones during 1st and 2nd July 2021. The meeting was attended by 18 member countries and 40 people participated in the meeting, including the Secretary General.

The meeting confirmed the future dates for Forum and Secretariat meetings.

Planning is underway to hold the next Secretariat meeting in the Czech Republic in 2023, world travel permitting. Failing that in person meeting, another Zoom meeting will occur.

The next Angus World Forum event is set for Australia in 2025.